The Billboard Battalion is a grassroots community movement aimed at public education about what is truly happening regarding COVID, food supply issues, etc.

The media will not tell the truth, so we are creating our own media to deliver the message in a way that is highly effective, visible and impossible to censor. We are totally committed to saving lives because most of the medical bureaucracy are about people loosing their lives. We absolutely condemn the vast majority of our journalists who now have absolutely no integrity, no honesty, and are totally committed to telling lies and spreading misinformation as the official propaganda unit of a government and bureaucracy who are in the business of costing peoples lives and causing our country irreparable damage.

We absolutely demand, on behalf of the Australian people, that our journalists correct this horrendous injustice and start being honest, telling the truth, and helping to protect the Australian people. Call out and hold to account our lying criminal politicians who have cost us so much and are continuing the attack on the Australian people. We will represent the people where they refuse to.

Please contact us if you would like to become involved.

Our website is still being created, please check back soon for more details.

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