Please help us with our “Ask A…” Campaign

Billboard Battalion is asking you to ask questions of your various advisers and representative groups, so as to try and pressure them into researching and understanding various issues.

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  • Real Estate Agent
  • Livestock Agent
  • Union
  • Industry Representatives
  • Farmer Representative Lobby Organisations
  • Conveyancer
  • Financial Adviser
  • Lawyer
  • Travel Agent
  • Politicians
  • Shire Councillors
  • Accountant

How will the Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development and the Fourth Industrial Revolution effect:

  • My Home Ownership
  • My Other Properties
  • My Savings
  • My Other Investments
  • My Business
  • My Job
  • My Ability To Travel

Will there be food shortages?

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