2023-09-06 – BOORT – Aboriginal Heritage information meeting

The video recording of the meeting is available – click here to watch.

Please see this video for details of the meeting at the Boort Lakes Wednesday 6/9/2023 at 1PM.

We will be meeting at the Caravan Park area opposite the service station. Look for the Billboard Battalion Bus!

As we reported on Saturday night (2/9/2023) live from the Freedom Muster at Quambatook, local landholders at Boort have received a letter from the Victorian Government Department of Premier and Cabinet explaining that their land is now “recorded as an Aboriginal place on the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register”.

This Wednesday 6th September (tomorrow) Billboard Battalion will be at BOORT lake at 1PM to discuss the Aboriginal overlay that has been put on Lake Boort and some surrounding land.

More details and a promo video will be coming out this afternoon sometime.

Below is a video that was broadcast live from Quambatook as we learnt of this letter. Also is a copy of the letter and map supplied to local landowners by the Victorian Government Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Billboard Battalion is committed to educating the community about this threat and other critically important issues surrounding Aboriginal Politics, farming, food and energy security. Our local volunteer team regularly does public presentations throughout Australia would be happy to do a public presentation at Boort if the community is interested in learning more.

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