Farmers Being Destroyed

Fight for your food.

The real fight to protect your food supply and our farmers starts now.

How can you help to save our farmers and our food supply?


No Farmers, No Food
Farmers Being Destroyed
VFF Selling out Farmers
VFF Selling out Victoria
VFF wont fight for Farmers
VFF betrayal
VFF must tell the truth
VFF selling out your food

Be a part of our protest action on Saturday 5th of August in Melbourne at 11am and Canberra shortly afterwards at a date yet to be confirmed.

Our farmers are being sold out by the very organisations that are supposed to fight for them. This also includes the National Party and the other 3 major political parties and some independents that make up your federal and state governments. This is having a devastating effect on them and your food production. This will absolutely create massive food shortages and skyrocketing prices for what you can get. You will see supermarket shelves and butcher shops run out of stock. This is deliberately being done and your primary farmer representative lobby groups are not only failing to fight for our farmers, but are actively taking part in their destruction.

The policies that your governments are bringing in are deliberately killing your farmers and food supply.

Time is running out.

Further information on our call to action will follow soon.