Court Case Won – Police ordered to pay

A new legal precedent has been set when NSW Police were ordered to pay compensation after NSW Police illegally trespassed on Sanchia Romani’s property without a warrant, emergency or probable cause.

Single mum Sanchia Romani from Northern NSW represented herself in court with no lawyers and incurred no legal fees.

The legal system is reeling and lawyers now have to go back to the drawing board and understand that the law is the law, and the law is for the benefit of the people, and that what governments claim as legislation is not the law.

After Sanchia’s success, many people are contacting her and as a result, she is putting together workshops to inform other people of how she did it. Sanchia can be contacted via her Telegram group at

Here is an interview of Wade interviewing Sanchia about her recent win in the NSW Supreme Court against the State of NSW after police officers illegally trespassed on her property in 2020. After the interview, you can view the official court documents by scrolling down the page.