Today we answer some viewers questions, explain what is happening and who is behind it – 30/1/2024

We answer some of the viewers questions in today’s live, some of these questions about whose behind all of this and why they are doing what they are doing and also what is their end game.

We dive into what’s happening to us today in the world in a very point blank straight shooting approach.

Every now and again its good for people who have been at this for a long time and understand what’s happening to just go back to basics and revisit and refresh their knowledge base as to why sociopathic nut cases are coming after us and trying to end our lives.

We have also found that it is incredibly beneficial to present things in such a way that is factual and clear so that new people who have never seen any of this stuff before can come up to speed from the beginning and clearly understand what the situation is, why their lives are in extreme danger and who is guilty of committing these crimes and why they are doing it.

I put this information together today to answer these questions as we have had many requests for this explanation.

Wade Northausen

Billboard Battalion

Saturday 30 March, 2024